Pilatus PC-21 Changelog

Version 1.1.0

Released: 04 April 2023

  • Avionics/Systems
    • Heading Hold (HDG) no longer captures current aircraft heading.
    • Airspeed Hold (IAS) now functions more accurately and consistently.
    • NAV Hold (NAV) now consistently captures both NAV1 and NAV2 sources.
    • ILS Hold (APR) now consistently captures both NAV1 and NAV2 sources.
    • TACAN functionality now compatible with MSFS TACAN stations.
    • Fixed BP1 and BP2 data blocks on PFD not showing correctly.
    • UFCP Transponder Page rewritten and code for Mode C/S & IDENT now functions with MSFS ATC and vPilot.
    • Pressing CDI knob now slaves to NAV1/2/TACAN radial direction, not to aircraft heading.
    • UFCP NAV1/2 frequencies no longer zero out on initial load.
    • UFCP COM1/2 entry now supports values down to 50Hz.
    • STUD frequencies now correctly synchronise with COM radios on adjustment. 
    • COM now defaults to receive on both 1 and 2 by default.
    • Power system recoded. GPU now powers onboard systems correctly when applied.
    • Stall Warning added to EICAS area on right MFD.
    • FMS Power now only available with FMS and MC power in conjunction with MSFS Avionics Master.
    • PC-21 HUD now default HUD option on initialization.
    • PTT switch now enforces COM1 or COM2 transmit priority based on position.
    • UFCP now displays correct frequencies if COM1 or 2 does not match a studded frequency.
    • Rear HUD repeater now defaults to ON with system start.
  • Visual Models
    • VCS Cover now visible and operative in front seat.
    • Cockpit now features audible buffet and shake with airbrake extended.
  • Flight Model
    • Updates to performance model for more accurate power curve.
    • Updated engine.cfg to fix inaccurate ITT, Engine Oil Pressure & Temperature values.
  • Effects
    • Visible engine heat removed from the aircraft.  Instructor page updated to remove option.
  • Artwork
    • FAB Logo on FAB paint scheme corrected to face the correct orientation.
    • Addition of Dark Nyte Furys paint scheme to the list of selectable liveries.
  • Tips
    • Updated loading tips with additional RAAF Virtual information.

Version 1.0.2

Released: 22 November 2022

  • Avionics/Systems
    • Updated Right MFD to include controls for toggling VC aircrew ON or OFF.
    • When transitioning from Pitch to VS hold for climb profile, AP now captures current Vertical Speed value.
    • Refined Electrical systems to fix issue where GENS were not functioning correctly with the engine off.
    • Pitch hold now works up to 25 degrees nose up, 5 nose down on initial autopilot engagement.
    • On power up, COMM radios receive on both COM1 and COM2.
    • OXY/PINS INHIBIT feature added to Page 2 of Instructor page on the Right MFD.  Toggle to inhibit to ignore OXY and SEAT warnings for both front and rear seats.
  • Installer
    • Installer removed to deal with potential decompression issues causing missing or corrupt files impacting user experience.

Version 1.0

Released: 22 October 2022

Initial Release