Product Description

The Venture MG.1 is the first of a series of aircraft focusing on the skill of soaring and has been an enjoyable experience for the team from design & development, through to release.

Part of the joy of creating aircraft ourselves is that sometimes we have the opportunity to create our own interpretation of a product, in this instance, it allows us to add items such as a GPS and autopilot options to a modern interpretation of the 109B.

We have however included a fictional Air Training Corps artwork (ZH372) which we hope will satisfy some of the air cadets out there! In addition, we’re packing up a full paint-kit which includes all the art templates so that you can create your own colour scheme should you choose to do so.

Above all, we hope that this product brings you plenty of soaring fun…just try to steer clear of the mountains!

Current Version

FSX Version // V1.0


  • A superb soundset from IRIS AudioworX with 360 degree sound panning customized specifically for FSX.
  • All new 3D gauges with silky smooth performance.
  • Two visual models with or without wheel covers.
  • A superb flight model for the light handling and excellent soaring characteristics of the Grob 109B aircraft.
  • A wide variety of paint schemes and a full paintkit allows repainting by users.
  • A selection of textures in various compression ratio’s and sizes for users on lower end systems.


This product is an artistic representation of the Grob 109B and is not endorsed or affiliated with Grob Aircraft SE.

All trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners and are used for descriptive purposes only.

Simulator Requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X with the Acceleration Expansion pack installed.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold edition.

Recommended System Requirements

Windows 7 64-Bit
Intel Core i7 3.2Ghz or equivalent CPU
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560Ti or equivalent Graphics Card.

A well configured FSX/P3D installation with minimal background processes is also recommended. Please note that all products are tested and evaluated using default settings and a default FSX/P3D installation to ensure a fair evaluation process. Addition of other 3rd party software MAY affect your performance and experience.


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