IRIS – Aviator Series – Jabiru J160/J170 [MSFS]



Product Description

Australia’s most popular light sport aircraft!

Exported to countries around the globe, Jabiru aircraft is a tried and tested concept in Australian aviation, being used for recreational flying, flight training, rural property management, commuting, surveillance and surveying. The Jabiru J160/J170 aircraft are powered by a Jabiru 4 cylinder 4 stroke 2200cc air cooled engines and makes the aircraft a joy to fly, with a 100 knot cruise speed and a very economical engine, it is a popular training aircraft for Australia’s Recreational Aviation certification.

Version 1.3 onwards also features enhanced weather using elements of Weather Preset Pro by SoFly Sim. The included weather presets mean you can experience the brand-new bush trips the way we intended. Simply installing the new update will give you instant access to this new material completely free of charge.

Of course, you can always expand on your included weather presets with the full version of Weather Preset Pro and continue flying the J160/J170 in 50 other presets that provides scenic views and challenging approaches. You can also buy Weather Preset Pro from SoFly or through OrbxDirect.

Current Version

MSFS Version // V1.5.6 – 07FEB22 (View Changelog)

Please note, this product is not compatible with MSFS running in DX12 (Beta) mode. Please ensure you are running the simulation in DX11 mode within your graphics settings when using this product.


  • Product installers included for Microsoft Flight Simulator [MSFS] (Steam and Microsoft Store Distribution)
  • Two airframes for the price of one! The Jabiru J160 & J170!
  • Four custom instrument panels over a variety of aircraft layouts.
  • A superb soundset recorded directly from the Jabiru engine using Wwise techniques.
  • TWO BONUS Bush Trips! Explore the Gippsland Lakes area of Eastern Victoria and visit locations close to the heart of the IRIS Simulations team and explore tropical Queensland from the coast to the Outback, home of Jabiru Aircraft!
  • High resolution paintkit available separately (Download Link)
  • An in-simulator aircraft manager allows the user to toggle on or off various visual parts.
  • A superb flight model for the light handling and excellent characteristics of the Jabiru J160 & J170 aircraft tested and flown by Jabiru pilots and instructors.
  • A total of twenty high resolution paint schemes over two aircraft.


Under NO circumstances is any component of this product intended to replace, or compliment, any form of real-world training materials.
The intended use is for entertainment purposes ONLY. ALWAYS refer to approved publications from the aircraft manufacturer when flying aircraft.

This product is an artistic representation of the Jabiru J160/J170 and is not endorsed or affiliated with Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd.

All trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners and are used for descriptive purposes only.

Simulator Requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10.
Processor: Intel i5-4460 | AMD Ryzen 3 1200.
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 770 | AMD Radeon RX 570.
Hard drive: 2 GB available space.

A well configured Microsoft Flight Simulator installation with minimal background processes is also recommended. Please note that all products are tested and evaluated using default settings and a default software installation to ensure a fair evaluation process. Addition of other 3rd party software MAY affect your performance and end user experience.